Scared Little Pup


“Come on, let’s go in the car … ” is our dog’s favorite thing to hear. She runs right to where her leash hangs and wags her little tail like she is trying to pick up radio signals. We both get into the car, not before she has to sniff & bark at everything first,… [read more]

Get Marla a walker, conehead!

Yep! Yesterday was Marlita Chaqita Banana’s birthday (that’s her elongated nickname that has a clever song that goes with it). Little miss diva was also being bossy, and everything was about her her HER! Being 2 years old, I don’t blame her. She did collect a lot of goodies for herself this year. The other… [read more]

Post operation

Just in case you were wondering Sookie is fine. She is a little miserable having to wear the cone (eCollar), but her operation went smooth, and I opted to purchased the extra pain medication for her, which is putting her to sleep for long amounts of time. When I picked her up she was so… [read more]

Time to get spayed

Sookie at 5 months

Today is Sookie’s big day, a sad day. She is getting spayed. We all knew it was coming, but she didn’t which made it terribly worse to drop her off at Banfield. There I was filling out paperwork and signing my name, and some strange lady was holding her leash while guiding her to the… [read more]

Freezing, cleaning, and getting shots

It’s been rather cold here lately. The low for tomorrow is 24 degrees, and OMG is everyone freakin’ out. Cold weather in Texas is a bigger news story among locals than the 9/11 incident. And, of course, news stations are running hard with the story – causing a frenzy! It’s good to see the word… [read more]