Magical Twizzlers & Snail Clouds: Sending out Wristbands

This time we went to someone else’s house, and along the way we did some exciting activities. To order a wristband:

Finally a Good Day of Tennis, Sneezy

I know, I know … Howard you never post anymore. Well, haha, I am posting now — so silence. I’ve been super busy with Youtube, and promoting our channel, and the forums, and sendin our wristbands, etc. Cut me the smallest slice of slack you can afford. Of course, we’re still playing tennis, but it… [read more]

Rock On Pinky Toe!

I have a few things to ramble on about… 1. I hate when people lie to better themselves. Yeah I know you’re human and that is expected but when you try to lie in my face to someone else about certain things….that’s what makes me upset. I just want to smack some people. No one… [read more]

Its On Like Popcorn!

I opened my fortune cookie thing this morning and it said, “Always bring your best game!” HECK YEAH!! That’s cool cause we are playing some tennis today and tomorrow! That’s right people I’m going to kick some butt! Other than that I’m up early and waiting on Howard to get home so that we can… [read more]

Our First Video Filled with Random

I like taking a bunch of random videos and clipping them together so there’s no “dead air” and so we don’t ramble on and end up with a 20 minute video. Enjoy! :D