Sookie is finally a real boat!

Today is a monumental day in our life. One worth writing about so I can come back to it and remember the achievement of our newest dog learning how to swim. Yep! Sookie experienced water today for the first time. Well, she’s taken a bath before, but it’s not the same. When we were at… [read more]

I want to chase the ball after you feed me some brownies

Practing with the new ball

Our first plant of the new year, a cactus. We’re not sure exactly how to pronounce his scientific name, but we’re calling him Allen. He is set outside on our metal patio table, and of course Sookie wanted to get to know him. I’ve been working with Sookie on how to chase, and retrieve, the… [read more]

Turn on the lights so I can eat my salad

baby Sookie

Another interesting day at work, or should I say … a section of businesses along a major freeway. Around 8:30 this morning, just as I finished my small lunch that required heating in the microwave, the lights flicker and them BOOM! Pitch black. Not even a backup light kicked on. It was like a modern… [read more]

Heart-shaped food completes a 3-day weekend, my love!


Summer received a little surprise at work this last Friday. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Papa John’s and how they were cookin’ up some heart-shaped pizzas, so since I’ve never sent her anything during work hours I ordered two. Pepperoni and olive, not mushroom. I’m glad to say that not all of… [read more]

Get Marla a walker, conehead!

Yep! Yesterday was Marlita Chaqita Banana’s birthday (that’s her elongated nickname that has a clever song that goes with it). Little miss diva was also being bossy, and everything was about her her HER! Being 2 years old, I don’t blame her. She did collect a lot of goodies for herself this year. The other… [read more]