Anniversary Getaway


It has been 5 wonderful years with the most amazing husband in the world and I could not be happier. Back then I would not have imagined we would be expecting our child in the next years. We spent the last weekend relaxing and enjoying the beach in Rockport, Texas. Two weeks before that we… [read more]

A Quick Rockport Trip


We happened to take a quick trip to Rockport one Friday morning and these are the fast paced images of our lovely day…

Send Us Back to Rockport Little Crazy Pelican!


Rockport was wonderful so I suggest we go back! I will post our pictures from the first day now. :D

Rockport Love!


  We are back from vacation and I’m hating it! Who was theĀ  one that said, “Man, it feels good to be back!”..huh? Who!? I miss Rockport, Texas so much that I truly want to leave and go back right now. :(