Wonderful Bedroom Light


The lighting in our new and improved bedroom is amazing! I especially love it when the sun is setting so the light shines perfectly through our windows. It’s not enough to fry you up but just right to give you that warm feeling. Below are a couple of test shots I did with little Marla.… [read more]

Just For The Love Of Photos


I truly do just love to take photos. I can’t think of any other hobby that makes me happier. This morning I received a very enthusiastic phone call from my husband stating that was an amazing worker. He didn’t have to call me to tell me things I already knew. I just wanted to say… [read more]

Driving Around


I just wanted to post some random photos from driving around….

Photo-A-Day October


9. Red… (My favorite lipstick.)

Photo-A-Day October


8. Angle (From my keychain!)