I want to chase the ball after you feed me some brownies

Practing with the new ball

Our first plant of the new year, a cactus. We’re not sure exactly how to pronounce his scientific name, but we’re calling him Allen. He is set outside on our metal patio table, and of course Sookie wanted to get to know him. I’ve been working with Sookie on how to chase, and retrieve, the… [read more]

Heart-shaped food completes a 3-day weekend, my love!


Summer received a little surprise at work this last Friday. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Papa John’s and how they were cookin’ up some heart-shaped pizzas, so since I’ve never sent her anything during work hours I ordered two. Pepperoni and olive, not mushroom. I’m glad to say that not all of… [read more]

Another great weekend

This last weekend was, in so few words, perfect! As much as we love staying inside on a rainy day, and being lazy, there is something about a crisp, sunny day that makes us want to just be outside. I would love to say my Saturday started with a great game of tennis, but it… [read more]

One second of fame

We're in the (online) paper

This was awhile back, but since it’s my only known account of being in the media I figured it should be documented. Anyways, while attending the International Art Festival (iFest) some random guy with a camera and notepad asked to take our picture, saying we would be posted in the local paper. OF COURSE WE… [read more]