Life Update!


******Massive Amounts of Photos!!****** Rolling with the punches! That’s what we are doing! So many wonderful and crazy things have been happening lately and I cannot begin to fathom what the rest of our lives will be like! To bring you up to date on a couple of things I have compiled a small list:… [read more]

Happy 4 Year Anniversary!


We have survived 4 years of marriage together and it has been so amazing! This year we started early since our work schedules were so out of whack we didn’t have much time to plan a whole lot of events. The week started off with ordering items online and building a small Lego scene from… [read more]

Christmas Update


Christmas Eve was a lot of fun because everyone was together and telling old stories. Did I mention I was tricked as soon as I got there? Sonya handed me a Pringles chip all nonchalantly and not thinking I just popped it into my mouth. I did not expect the minty chocolate flavor that followed.… [read more]

Photo-A-Day October


3. This happened today… (Six years ago I met the love of my life.)

Writer’s Block

I feel like I have a whole bunch to say, but I just can’t seem to get the words out. So many thoughts are in my head while driving to work and by the time I get home they’ve vanished. I want to blame this on my job. Maybe I can jump start this entry… [read more]