Big News!

Wow! So many things have been going on for us so I will just make a list for you. (Everyone knows how much I love lists!)   Lake Conroe Marla’s Shoulder Teeth Cleaning Smashbook/Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s Black Walnut Cafe Pecan Creek Grille Big TV Painting Walls Gardening Cucumber Water Juicing Mini Cooper Love!  … [read more]

I Will Better Myself

Maybe I should start writing about deeper subjects. I’ve been so hesitant to write about what I am actually thinking for fear of being judged. If you know me, you know I give everyone a chance. I don’t judge people as soon as I see them. I’ve never been that way and I hope that… [read more]

My Bologna Forgot The Christmas Ham!

So Howard and I are “shopping” around and trying to come up with a different layout for the blog. What do you think? Should we change it up or should we keep everything the same? Personally, I would love to change it up a bit. Maybe we will add some different colors or a cool… [read more]

Photo-A-Day October


3. This happened today… (Six years ago I met the love of my life.)

Photo-a-day October


1. Where I stood… (Waiting on Stephanie to get off the phone is lame, so I decided to make use of her filing cabinets.)