More Internet, Less Money

After re-evaluating some of our outgoing finances I eventually made it to the internet bill. It’s not a lot, but I knew we could get better. So I call in, and actually got to a representative on the first ring. Good company :D. Anyways, we currently have DSL + VoIP which we hardly, ok …… [read more]


Our farm as of 01/10/2010

This is an update, well not an update, but more of “this is our farm.” We’ve been doing this together for a couple weeks now, and it’s pretty entertaining. It’s small, but that’s expected when you first start off. I’ve been surprising her with a few little gifts here and there. Since this is the… [read more]

Pants on the ground & Kanye

Here are a few videos that Summer and I have watched repeatedly over the last couple of days and we’ve have just been rollin’ on the ground from these. First, we have General Larry Platt with his song “Pants on the ground” that I hope changes the fashion world forever.

One second of fame

We're in the (online) paper

This was awhile back, but since it’s my only known account of being in the media I figured it should be documented. Anyways, while attending the International Art Festival (iFest) some random guy with a camera and notepad asked to take our picture, saying we would be posted in the local paper. OF COURSE WE… [read more]