Summer’s Birthday

Today was … yep, you guessed it … Summer’s birthday!! We are slowly running out of presents to get her, but the girls and I put our heads together and I think she was pretty happy. Super Mario Bros. for the Wii came out more than a year ago, and the price never dropped, but… [read more]

It’s Raining Cherry Gummy Bears!!

Aalsdkfjoihalw l!jodej . That’s what I think about right before I post something. This may be my second post ever on our site. Oi with the poodles already! So today was a pretty darn tootin’ good Mother’s Day considering it was gloomy and sticky outside. My mom got me a cherry gummy bear scent diffuser.… [read more]

Our first YouTube video ever!

Now we’ve transformed from text to video. Not permanently. But while we went to the park yesterday Summer mentioned that we should post the video recorded. Well, the girls weren’t that exciting and we didn’t that much good footage. I mean Sookie didn’t even want to get the ball out of the water. Instead this… [read more]

Heart-shaped food completes a 3-day weekend, my love!


Summer received a little surprise at work this last Friday. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Papa John’s and how they were cookin’ up some heart-shaped pizzas, so since I’ve never sent her anything during work hours I ordered two. Pepperoni and olive, not mushroom. I’m glad to say that not all of… [read more]

Another early present

Dell Inspiron 1545

Valentine’s day is almost here, about 11 days away. Since Summer is the baddest-of-ass wife I could ever ask for (no she didn’t make me say that) she has allowed me to buy myself bought me a laptop as well. Now I am not trying to steal her thunder, but I, too, get restless and… [read more]