Coffee Love Three

This is what I do every Saturday morning. I enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching the dogs play. Did I mention I love looking outside my front window in the morning? We get the perfect light shinning in through the front and it really makes the morning beautiful. Maybe I’ll take a little… [read more]

Coffee Love Two


This night we were supposed to eat at Olive Garden but then decided to hit up Denny’s instead. I’m glad we did because I love breakfast for dinner and there’s something about their coffee that makes it taste “homey”. I’m not sure how to describe it and you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I really… [read more]

Coffee Love One


This morning I woke up and there was coffee waiting for me in the kitchen! I love it when Howard makes me coffee in the morning. In a way it makes me feel like my day will be super awesome and I’m going to kick bitty at work. Literally.

Late Christmas Tree Lighting


Unknown to me there is a section of our community where a committee continually preserves that “ol’ rustic everyone-knows-everyone” small town charm, and because of this there are many (mostly child-oriented) events that take place in order to bring the people together. The annual Christmas tree lighting is one of them. Now it’s no Rockafella… [read more]

Monday Is Sweet


Someone at work asked me why I like Mondays and I told him, “Sometimes I like to wonder what everyone’s life is like for a moment. I wonder why each individual person dislikes Monday just like many other people around the world. What makes Monday so horrible?” I would have to say that my favorite… [read more]