Eggs and Fruit


Allow me to explain this meal. This was probably the last breakfast meal I cooked before finding out I was pregnant. At the time I was so excited to present Howard with this delicious breakfast so early in the morning. This little guy consisted of two baked eggs with fresh rosemary and parmesan cheese. About… [read more]

Heart-shaped food completes a 3-day weekend, my love!


Summer received a little surprise at work this last Friday. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Papa John’s and how they were cookin’ up some heart-shaped pizzas, so since I’ve never sent her anything during work hours I ordered two. Pepperoni and olive, not mushroom. I’m glad to say that not all of… [read more]

Another great weekend

This last weekend was, in so few words, perfect! As much as we love staying inside on a rainy day, and being lazy, there is something about a crisp, sunny day that makes us want to just be outside. I would love to say my Saturday started with a great game of tennis, but it… [read more]