Dog Park Bowling

We had a nice, quiet day at the dog park and got some swimming in, then went bowling with our friend Mike. He promised to go skydiving with us, too, when we reach 500 subscribers.

Highest I’ve Ever Bowled, I think

226. I win.

Another guy’s night out. Monday. That means $1.25/game at our local bowling alley. The one time I leave the video camera at home we see a wreck where a mini-van drove up onto a hill and perfectly crashed into a stone sign. The sign was an “H”-shape, and they nailed it right in the middle.… [read more]

A guy’s night of bowling

Mike, one of our friends, came to pick me up last night as we did the “man night out thing”. Summer doesn’t like bowling too much, but loves to watch me in action … although this time she wanted to stay home. Mondays are dollar night at the local alley, so 8 games and shoes… [read more]