Happy 5th Birthday Marla!

We just wanted to wish our beautiful little girl, Marla, a happy birthday! Mommy and Daddy love you!!

Happy 4th Birthday Marla!!!


Happy birthday little Marla!!! You’re family loves you! Four years ago you were just this little pup jumping in to coffee cups and peeing all over the place. Don’t ever change little one. :)  And don’t forget… lots of bones and treats tonight!

Keepin It Real…Colorful That is..


  I decided to bring back the rainbow cake for another birthday this month. This one was a little different than the traditional cake a prepared a few weeks earlier. You will need: 1 box of white cake mix (eggs, oil, and water) 1 can of cream cheese icing 8 half pint mason jars 1… [read more]

Happy Birthday 25th Time Summer!


Wow! This whole day was amazing! I showed up at work and saw my entire desk decorated in Hello Kitty! I loved it so much you don’t even know! The whole day was fun because I was handing out Hello Kitty cupcakes like there was no tomorrow. Work was actually very busy that day because… [read more]

Still Lingering Thing


I still feel the presence of the Tailypo. Everyday I hear its claws clicking on the pavement as it rushes towards my car door to get in. You don’t understand… I have this huge fear that I can fend off an attacker….but not a Tailypo. I feel as if I am unprepared. The scratching noise… [read more]