Time Slips Away


I originally had a huge entry written about our trip to Austin, Texas a few weeks ago, but unfortunately time slipped away and I was never able to post. Now, its’ been quite some time and I feel the need to summarize. That weekend was full of adventure and fast paced touring. Our friend showed… [read more]

A Quick Rockport Trip


We happened to take a quick trip to Rockport one Friday morning and these are the fast paced images of our lovely day…

Life Update!


******Massive Amounts of Photos!!****** Rolling with the punches! That’s what we are doing! So many wonderful and crazy things have been happening lately and I cannot begin to fathom what the rest of our lives will be like! To bring you up to date on a couple of things I have compiled a small list:… [read more]

Quick Protein Smoothie


Since I am now pregnant I have had to change my diet around a bit. Okay, I say a bit but in reality my eating style has completely flipped upside down. The main food group I have not been able to stomach is…meat. I cannot stand the smell of beef, chicken, or pork. There are… [read more]

Sneak Peak Announcement


It seems as if we have kept this little secret to ourselves for so long! Howard and I are expecting our first child! Little Bean (as we have been calling it) is expected to arrive on September 1, 2014. We are completely overjoyed and are so thankful to be able to share this with all… [read more]