Fancy Pizza


While at the lake we decided to stop and get some pizza. Let me remind you that we were dressing in our swimming gear and looked like we had been beaten up by the tube (which was true). We walk in expecting a mom & pop shop of  pizza places in this small town. The… [read more]

New Park Discovery


We have been having beautiful weather lately and that brings up the old feeling of wanting to go outside and stay active. The park where I learned to drive my new car has become our new hot spot for running and cycling. One evening after work we headed out that way and I made the… [read more]

Handsome Rob Has Arrived


No one, except Howard, knows how hard I have worked for this car. We went through the entire process of picking out everything from the type of rims all the way down to the colored stitching on my seats. We tracked him from the very beginning up until the arrival at our dealership. The whole… [read more]

8 Hour Getaway


A vacation doesn’t have to last an entire week. As long as your mind is able to release itself from the everyday stressful events of life, you are able to enjoy a wonderful vacation in just eight hours. Two weeks ago Howard and I woke up early to get a head start on our mini… [read more]

New Look, New Photos, & New Travel!


I found and egg outside under the Crepe Myrtle tree. I looked up and saw a nest built atop the blooming branches and thought to myself, “How wonderful it would be to fly like a bird? They must see the most wonderful things I cannot.” This thought spawned into my lovely idea of traveling and… [read more]