Toddler Bruce


He sure has grown the last couple of months. I remember when he was just a little fat pup. He used to be so tiny he could fit in a cat bed. Now he’s this giant 50lb toddler who loves to destroy my living room and backyard. Things He Loves: People Dogs Smooches Snuggling Fetch… [read more]

Puppy Problems!

Bruce, our pit bull puppy, is having some difficulty controlling his bladder. We know it’s not a training issue since he does notify us when he has “the urge” to go. It’s the times when he’s just playing with the other dogs and out of nowhere he just starts peeing mid-play. At first we figured… [read more]

Baby Overload!

Shopping for baby related items for your registry is probably one of the most time consuming tasks ever. I am so sick of looking at baby items and I’ve only managed to register at two stores! Just in case you’re wondering, you can look up my registry at Target and BabiesRUs. One day we spent… [read more]

Life Update!


******Massive Amounts of Photos!!****** Rolling with the punches! That’s what we are doing! So many wonderful and crazy things have been happening lately and I cannot begin to fathom what the rest of our lives will be like! To bring you up to date on a couple of things I have compiled a small list:… [read more]

Sneak Peak Announcement


It seems as if we have kept this little secret to ourselves for so long! Howard and I are expecting our first child! Little Bean (as we have been calling it) is expected to arrive on September 1, 2014. We are completely overjoyed and are so thankful to be able to share this with all… [read more]