Happy National Running Day!

Wow! We have been so active lately it’s insane! The family acquired a new water toy and the past couple of weekends we’ve been on the water testing the thing out. I didn’t know the Seadoo could go 50mph on the water. Anyway, the thing is fast and I always feel as if I am going to fly off. Don’t worry, I can’t swim. :)

Now after being on the water for a few hours we come home to relax and chill on the computer. Howard and I haven been spending some time searching for good layout ideas for my photography website. There are great things coming our way and more videos, I promise! I just haven’t had the time to edit the footage.

Meanwhile, I edited some random snapshots of our family.


Oh, I was thinking about making a post about my rice crispy recipe and I’ll probably have that up tomorrow. Sorry if this post (or any of my recent posts) seems random and unstructured. I’m currently dozing off as I type this.

After closing my eyes for 30 seconds I realized I never mentioned National Running Day. Haha. I’m so tired.

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