Writer’s Block

I feel like I have a whole bunch to say, but I just can’t seem to get the words out. So many thoughts are in my head while driving to work and by the time I get home they’ve vanished. I want to blame this on my job. Maybe I can jump start this entry by discussing my most recent finds and things I am absolutely loving at the moment.

  1. iPhone Application:
    • I just started using this one App called “Sleep Cycle” and I think it’s neat for those of you into tracking your sleeping habits. The application uses the iPhone’s super sensitive accelerometer to track your sleep movement in order to wake you at your moment of lightest sleep. So far I’ve been treating it as a normal alarm clock by turning it off and then going back to sleep. J Maybe one day I will be able to use it correctly and find that it is indeed a nifty app to have.
    • Instagram has to be one of my favorite apps of all time! I almost feel like I cannot live without it. The simple design is what I love best because it’s so easy to pull out my phone and take/edit a photo in seconds. I do have an account and if you wish to follow me my username is schmorie.


  1. Books:
    • Last weekend Howard and I checked out the local used bookstore’s semi-annual sale and left with a huge tote bag of books and five dollars less in our pockets. This sale is something I look forward to every summer and fall while Howard dreads going. Every time we go I find some of the most random books you can imagine. This time I walked out of there with a giant book about Cleopatra by Margaret George. Howard always gives me crap about having too many books in the house and wants me to get rid of them but I just can’t. I love my books and they will follow me wherever I go. Sorry! :D
    • I found Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and it feels so nice. The pages are aged a bit and the pages turn perfectly!


  1. Journal Writing:
    • Another reason I have not posted is because recently I have been a little obsessed with my “old school” journal. I remember sitting in my room and writing for what seemed like forever. The entries back then were probably about boy bands and LOTR because I was a boring teenager. No joke. I was obsessed with LOTR and Orlando Bloom. How old is he now anyway? All I can think about some days is how much I want to sit in front of a window with my coffee and write. You would think I’d love to do the same for the online blog but it just feels better to write some things out.


  1. Photography:
    • I have been taking photos it’s just I have not had the time to edit them. The past couple of weeks have been crazy and work has taken over my desk at home. I will soon get those photos out to everybody. Just be patient.
    • I am super excited to be getting my new camera soon. We’ve saved a little money on the side to upgrade my DSLR and I’m stoked!


After writing all of this I realized I’m just a happy person and I love my life.


  1. Bringingeuropehome says:

    Ah, so many distractions. ;-)  That sleep cycle app sounds really interesting!

  2. Oh it is a great app! I just wish I didn’t move around so much at night. I feel I might knock my phone off the bed and then where would I be?! Phone-less… not a good position. One day I’ll post a screen shot of my sleep habits. It sounds weird but looking at you’ll be thinking, “Wow! Did you even sleep at all last night? It looks like you performed an entire act from Cirque Du Soleil!”

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