Smothie Recipe!

This smoothie is great for a hot day or for just a quick healthy lunch.

20120422 IMG 0583 1024x575 Smothie Recipe!

You will need:

A blender

Frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango chunks, and mixed berries

Four ice cubes

1 cup of V-8 Vfusion Peach Mango

1 scoop of protein powder

A large cup


20120422 IMG 0584 168x300 Smothie Recipe! Pour 1 cup of Vfusion juice into the blender


20120422 IMG 0585 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Throw in some strawberries and mixed berries


20120422 IMG 0586 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Add a few mango chunks (I would say around 4)


20120422 IMG 0587 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Toss in some blueberries


20120422 IMG 0588 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Add about four ice cubes


20120422 IMG 0589 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Pour in a scoop of protein powder (I like using GNC Lean Shake)


20120422 IMG 0590 168x300 Smothie Recipe!20120422 IMG 0591 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Your mixture should look like this.


20120422 IMG 0592 168x300 Smothie Recipe!Now cover with the lid and blend!!


20120422 IMG 0594 300x168 Smothie Recipe!20120422 IMG 0595 300x168 Smothie Recipe!Pour into a glass and enjoy!!!!!!

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