Let’s Camera Roll

Howard and I have been missing in action again due to work complications. Currently we are relaxing at home and enjoying the last of our weekend. This weekend has been so exhausting and I’m glad we finally get to spend time with girls at home. Sookie is sprawled out on the tile floor and Marla is enjoying the comforts of a warm blanket. These girls are something else so you can see why most of my photos consist of their day to day lives. The pups have it made. Who else is going to rock them to sleep and give them treats when they are being good girls?

Below are the images off my iPhone. I wanted to share these with you because I believe they are worth taking a look at. I wouldn’t post them if I did not think they were special to me. Consider these photos as a catch up to the 365 project. I may turn my 365 in to a different type of project using my photos because of the time it takes to edit them every night. I will still be taking pictures everyday but they will not all be self portraits anymore. I’ll figure out a new theme. Until then please enjoy these.


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