Road Block On Work-At-Home

Marla is in my lap right now as we try to figure out why I cannot work from home on this project.¬† I brought some work home and it turns out I cannot connect to the server and keep getting tons of error messages because of it. This kind of puts¬† a damper on things at work but if I can enjoy more time with my family I’m all for it! Actually, my co-worker just called and said she was trying to get a hold of as many people she can to get this fixed. UM…OK. :p Don’t-care-bear right here!

This weekend has been pretty sweet. I actually made a video! Howard is supposed to edit it because he’s good at that kind of stuff and then I will be posting it later. The 365 project is harder than I thought but I’m getting through it. I did not give up! I have the pictures here as I type but I need to edit them before I can post.

The other thing I need start working on is a watermark for OurLifeInText. I cannot keep putting my SJP watermark on everything I take a picture of because it’s giving people the wrong impression of my photographic genre.

In conclusion, I will post again to day! Hahah!


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