In The Upcoming Year…

As 2011 faded away it made me think of how I can better myself and our family in the new year. This year our family goal is to spend more time with each other and enjoy life a little more. I know you’re thinking, “These two spend every waking moment together!” which is true, but lately my job has been keeping me away from Howard. I want 2012 to be a whole new experience for us. We plan on going out and getting involved in more local events and charities to help others around us. And, of course, we will be doing more blogging/vlogging for you guys and gals.

Now as for my personal goals this year, I will be starting not one…but TWO 365 photos projects. One will be a regular photo of the day and the other will be a 365 portrait of the day. This is an extremely hard project for me because of my schedule and I really do not like to commit to things like these because I get bored easily. I promise I will not do that! At least I will try my hardest not to drop these projects.

The other resolution on my list is to finish all my books I started and put down. Again, with my schedule it is difficult to commit to little things such as finishing a book. I will finish every book I started AND read every book I bought. I mean, I bought these books for a reason and I believe I should at least give them a fighting chance because someone spent time writing them. I know if I wrote a book I would at least want someone to give it a read just for kicks.

There’s one more thing. I may have a chance to go back to school! I’m pretty stoked about that because it’s been a long time waiting.
All in all our life will be quite interesting this year and I hope everyone will stick around. We have more blog posts, videos, pictures, and adventure stories coming up that we would love to share with everyone. I know I’ve said we would be more active last year, but I didn’t plan on a whole bunch of road blocks. Now given a clean bill of health for the both of us, a new start for a new year is ahead.
Stay tuned. :D

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