Doctor Visits For Little Lobsters

FxCam 1316547681507 Doctor Visits For Little Lobsters


I have a doctor’s appointment today and that means I only have to be at work for half a day! I’ve been having trouble breathing lately so I’m hoping this doctor will know what’s wrong with me and fix the problem. Other than that I’m perfectly fine! Last week I flew to Dallas for work and OMG was it so incredibly sad. I missed Howard the entire time I was up there. I had a little polar bear to snuggle with but that just wasn’t enough. :( Then I come back home to find out he stole my pillow while I was gone!!

Anyway, this week will be crazy for the both of us. Wednesday is my job’s Thanksgiving party and I volunteered to bring the drinks, which I have yet to pick up. Thursday is, of course, Thanksgiving Day with the family. This means lots of footage for Howard to convert into a nice YouTube video for everyone. :D Then *drum roll* BLACK FRIDAY!!! I’m not sure if there are any good deals our right now for us to hunt down, but I know we will be shopping around to see what we can find. I heard Target and Walmart are starting at midnight this year and I think that is insane! I will not be waiting in line that early for the new Zelda game. Speaking of which!!! I want that game so bad! You have no idea!! Actually I want the special edition one with the gold Wii remote!!! Like this…


skyward sword bundle1314634513 Doctor Visits For Little Lobsters

Now, I know it costs around $70 but if I sit in line at Wal-mart I can get it for $60! Ugh, I cannot justify spending that much on a game. I’m sorry. I’m just dreaming. This will never happen. Haha.

So, after Friday is Saturday, right? Well, Saturday is my Thanksgiving Day. I usually make most of the main side dishes along with a huge turkey and desserts. (Side note: Right now the gerbils just kicked their bedding out of their cage. -.-) As you can see my week is packed with To-Do lists and shopping. Sunday is my time to rest but I’m thinking we will probably do some more shopping that day.

What is everyone else doing for Thanksgiving?

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