Classy Shopping Mama

20111112 DSC 0005 680x1024 Classy Shopping Mama


Today was one productive day and it’s not over yet! Howard and I went shopping around town and got all of these amazing deals on clothes! Have a look…


The black and white tank top only cost $8.00

The nice fitted black jacket was only $25.00

Flower print shorts $8.00 (Howard thought it was a skirt….and so did I)

Jennifer Lopez purse was $60.00 (I needed a new one, okay?)

Jennifer Lopez tan heels were $30.00 (Impulse buy. Totally worth it. Very comfortable)

Grey shirt with swirls $8.00

Vera Wang grey shirt $10.00

3 Pairs of slacks $17.00 each

I love shopping. :D Just sayin’.

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