Old Movie Watching

 Old Movie Watching

Best Friends

I want to find a hidden door behind a tapestry.

Earlier I was watching “The Secret Garden” with Howard and he fell asleep. :( I get it. Not everyone can love that movie as much as I do.

Howard wants a turtle as a pet and I’m thinking about getting a snake as well. We’ve got room in this house for more loveable friends except I’m not sure who is going to want to feed a snake while we are out on vacation. We went to the library and checked out a whole bunch of books on reptiles and how to care for them in your home. I did pick up Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” for some light reading. :) I have some weird tastes in books, huh?

Right now we are preparing some pork chops for dinner using Howard’s new George Forman Grill. ;D It smells so good I’m half tempted to eat a piece right now. The last time I had pork I was sick for two days and could barely walk from being so dehydrated. I’m not sure if I just can’t eat pork or if the last meal just wasn’t cooked thoroughly. Maybe this time will be different.

Earlier I was reading someone’s blog and she mentioned wanting to drink sweet tea on her front porch during the summer. I wish I could have done that this past Summer but there were just so many darn wasps flying around it was crazy. I will drinkĀ  hot coffee on my front porch this fall. I love sitting outside and watching the sun warm up the plants in the front yard.

Time for dinner! Yum!

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