Coffee and Gates

20110924 DSC 0009 1024x680 Coffee and Gates


Last weekend Howard and I went to meet our friend at Katz’s for dinner and ended up having one smelly, funky night.

Everyone was enjoying their fried pickles when the hostess seated some nasty people next to us. Their funk drifted over to our table and lingered for the entire meal. This stench was so rancid I couldn’t eat my food. Oh, don’t worry… I left a nice comment card for the waiter. Then while we were leaving a homeless man tried to hit us up for some money. What is wrong with people these days!?

October 1st was one cool and breezy morning! I stepped outside and fell in love with the crisp cool air that swept around the corner of our house. I love this month so much and I look forward to drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

20110924 DSC 0012 150x99 Coffee and Gates


Aww! Look at her and her happy face. This is while we chilled at a coffee house on Bagby Street near downtown. I must say that the coffee drinks at Coffee Groundz are delicious.


Oh and have you ever watched the movie, “The Gate” when you were younger. I believe it came out in 1987 and it’s about this boy and his sister opening a gate to Hell. This movie was so awesome when I was little and now that I just watched it again I realized I still love it.  :D



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