Broken Necks But Amazing Coffee

bwhsoriginalmarked 300x199 Broken Necks But Amazing Coffee

Saturday I woke up so fast I pulled something in my neck and the whole weekend has been rough. Even though¬† I had to keep my head from moving too much lots of things happened this weekend. Howard rotated the tires on my mom’s car around 1pm and after we headed to drop off my film to get developed. Yes, I know. I finally got the roll of film from my diana¬† mini developed. And let me tell ya….wooooo! I love those pictures. They’re so pretty. Pretty in the sense only a mother could love. I also went through some emails and found pictures of cats that my cousins sent me. I’ll post those at the end because there are quite a few. I’m trying to find all my pictures of Tank but I can’t seem to track them down. :I I’ll find them though and do a little tweaking.

Back to the weekend since I seemed to get distracted for a bit. Saturday night we traveled to a far away, caffeinated land called Starbucks. A very good friend of ours was kind enough to invite us in for a cup of coffee. A kind soul that one. After lots of laughs and story telling we head back home where the girls go crazy because they haven’t seen us in two hours. :D That’s my favorite part oh and Phil gets super excited when we feed him blood worms.

My neck is in pretty bad shape from moving around all day so I grab my sock full of rice and stick it in the microwave. Hands down…the BEST idea ever! That sock made my neck feel so much better. I slept with it cushioned under my neck all night that when I woke in the morning I felt almost brand new. I crawled out of bed and took some medicine to help a little and then ate a delicious bacon breakfast. Seriously, the main course was bacon with a side of bacon. :D We watched some House episodes before we jumped in the car to pick up my film. Funny thing about that….we almost forgot to pay for it! Shh. Almost. Then off to Taco Cabana. Good bean and cheese tacos. Since we ate some unhealthy food it was time to work it off by walking the dogs at the park. They were so tired afterward we just headed home to watch more House!

This is the part where I started looking up old photos and doing some editing. I am so behind on finishing up some work that it’s not funny. I’ve got piles of photos to go through and projects up the wazoo. Geez, I hope I can catch up. But I love doing it so it’s not stressful at all.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! What do you have planned? I’m excited! Oh and if you have ever watched “The Office” …do you remember that part where it’s Kelly’s birthday so Dwight makes a banner that says “It is your birthday.” I love that part. Hahaha.

Off to a couple of pictures for you. I’m sure one of the cats was shooting laser beams at the person behind the camera. Not my photos. Just to clarify. But I thought they were cute!

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