Jeep Magic

yellowjeepsite 300x204 Jeep Magic

It’s like Jeep Magic. Here is a screen shot of the Jeep website. I go here sometimes just to browse through the features and it is like every time they know what I want to see. The first picture that shows up is a beautiful, yellow Rubicon that could possibly be mine one day. I’m sorry, I do not think that I have ever been to this site and seen a Jeep I did not want. Is that being greedy or what? I will own one some day. I may be tiny but I will be conquering some major land in one of those babies.

Even the saying on the front page..”Avoid crowds more easily. Create your own traffic pattern.” Who has been reading my journal and knew that is exactly what I want to do? It is genius.

Maybe I’m being a little dramatic here but seriously, I cannot be unhappy driving a vehicle with a removable¬† top. :D

I think it is time you went and sat in a Jeep.

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