Smells Like Onion Spirit

Marla smells like an onion.

…in addition to her corn chip smell. Haha. I’m serious. This dog smells like a bag of Tostitos.

Yeah yeah…I know “coffee” was misspelled in yesterday’s post. What can I say? I’m hyped up on coffee. And Nirvana.

Speaking of Nirvana. I’m become attached to the Bleach album.

OH and I need to tell you that last night Howard and I had a weird experience on the road. We were driving to get food and the truck in front of us make a right turn into oncoming traffic. Seriously, this guy turned with no question about it. Luckily there was a cop right there and tried to block him, but the guy dodge the cop and continued on the feeder of the freeway! The cop was thinking “What the heck?!” and busted a U-turn and pulled over the truck. Crazy stuff! What was that guy thinking!? And I’m staring out the window like a creep wishing I would have brought the camera. UGH! Such an exciting moment I did not get to record. At least that guy was caught before he hit someone. I wonder what that guy is going to tell the cop.

I cannot find sweet peppermint Stride gum….anywhere. Help.

Off to work. UGH!

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