Look Fish, Spiders Don’t Go There With Me

The day isn’t over yet but OH MAN did I have fun! This weekend has been a blast. Friday we had some Chinese food and what not. YUMMY in my lil Tummy!

Then Saturday we had the fullest day ever. At least I hadn’t had a day like that in a long time. We woke up early so I could check out our YouTube channel and see all wonderful comments. Thank you bunches by the way. But before that we ate a giant breakfast made by me. (You can totally tell I sucked at “How To..” writing assignments in school.) We made a stop to get my eyebrows threaded before heading off to clean a house for someone. :D

After all that exciting junky junk we hopped in the car and headed off Guam! Just kidding folks. We just went to the mall. Not nearly as exciting as Guam. Anywho, by the time we were done shopping and stuff it was time to start getting ready for Ashley’s grad party. Got to the party and filmed like crazy.

Fun fun fun in sun, son.

Just throwing this out there…. We had so much fun with all the jokes and laughs. Met some pretty great new friends. Lots of laughs. You have no idea.

Sunday comes along and we still wake up early and do it all over…except not the party thing. This time it’s lunch with Grandma Skippy! And that was pretty much it for that day.  <3

Now today we were able to see Shrek in 3D! WoOO…you know like Sham WOOHOO!

Loved it.

But before that we went to the park with the girls. Haha.  So all I’m saying is that we did go to a neat park and took pictures. (I would not go near the rail fence thing because of cobwebs. Nope no sir. Not going there. Sorry fish. Not today.) I will be posting them up soon on the flicker. Now I have made this post way too long for anyone on a mobile device to want to read. I will end this entry in a few sentences, but before I do I think I will leave you with a link to a  friend who makes a pretty cool purse cake.



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