Water Has Consumed Me

So I’m sitting here drinking water while chilling on the couch (I really love water. You have no idea.) and it finally hits me that we need more things to do!!! So this weekend we’ve got this rad grad party to attend and I’m thinking we will have some different footage. There may be some exterior house cleaning involved and a ladder. This sounds like mucho fun. Oh and I see that we are almost at 100 subscribers!! Yay! I’m so excited! I think this is great and I’m having lots of fun.

But we can’t forget about the blog. I’m thinking maybe I’ll take this one over today.

I was asked this.. “What are some things you want to see or do in the future?”

Well, there are lots of things. Howard and I want to visit Ireland. There is no doubt in my mind that we will travel there someday and love it. I think that even if it were horrible weather and all kinds of things went wrong…I still believe that we would have one bad ass time. I believe fishing is in the near future. We plan to take many trips out to sea before we leave this planet. OH and I want to catch a Blue Marlin. I think that would be wonderful. I told myself that if I could ever catch AND RELEASE a blue marlin I would definitely get one tattooed on my left ribcage. The pain I will be in. But I think it’s only fair that I should suffer a little like he did. However I do not believe it would measure to the amount of pain that he would have felt if I were to gaff him and bring him home. Poor thing. But that won’t happen. At least the hurting him part. Maybe if I can just see him jump out of the water….that would be absolutely grand!!

So really those were just two things I mentioned. Haha. However, I am looking forward to sky diving. That day seems as if is arriving sooner than expected.

This is great.

Mas later!!!

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