Don’t Look Out My Window…

In the morning if I hear a noise I’m so afraid to look out the window. I feel like I might see this Tailypo type of animal staring at me. So I just close my eyes and hope that whatever was out there just continues on its way. >.<

Oh and there is this one video on youtube with Link…ugh I’ll get Howard to fix this post and put the video up. Anyway it made me laugh! I love it! Sorry for the short post but I’m doing this right before I leave for work. Yay for a job!!


  1. You have a facebook fan page?
    You should.

    Cute video! it reminded me of Mario and Adventures of Link for some reason.
    how often do you post anyway?
    Just curious!
    Have a great day!!

  2. That video wasn’t ours. Yes, we do have a FaceBook page.

    We try to post as much as possible, but it ends up being every couple of days.

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