More Internet, Less Money

After re-evaluating some of our outgoing finances I eventually made it to the internet bill. It’s not a lot, but I knew we could get better. So I call in, and actually got to a representative on the first ring. Good company :D. Anyways, we currently have DSL + VoIP which we hardly, ok … we never, use.

I tell the lady that I just want to get rid of the phone service. I thought I would need it one day, but I don’t. What’s this you say? I can still plug my phone into the wall and dial out for $0.50/call, and still receive free incoming calls. That sounds like exactly what I need.

To make a long story short, I decided to just up the internet plan to double the speed that we currently have and my bill dropped like $23/month. Sounds like a good deal, especially since we’re uploading and watching videos a lot now … not to mention a ton of downloading. It’s suppose to take 2 business days to go into a effect, and she promised there would be no downtime. Fingers crossed.

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