Highest I’ve Ever Bowled, I think

iwin 300x200 Highest Ive Ever Bowled, I thinkAnother guy’s night out. Monday. That means $1.25/game at our local bowling alley. The one time I leave the video camera at home we see a wreck where a mini-van drove up onto a hill and perfectly crashed into a stone sign. The sign was an “H”-shape, and they nailed it right in the middle. Ugh, I am a terrible vlogger. I need a camera that I can just keep in my pocket at all times.

Not to mention that we enter, pay for our 7 games, and BAM! The first game we finished was the highest I’ve ever bowled in my life. 226. Not bad for using the house ball & shoes. After that it was all downhill, but we won’t get into all of that. Just kiddin’ I was averaging around 140~.

Luckily Mike was able to snap a shot of the scoreboard before his our-so-high-tech cell phone died.

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