Chikorita in Wonderland

Last weekend was another long weekend for all of us. Summer took that Monday off, and we attempted to go to the movies again hoping that hardly anyone would be there. NOPE! It was a Spring Break for our surrounding school districts, so the parking lot was packed. That’s okay, we came early this time.

We’ve been planning to see Alice in Wonderland since before it came out and it was exactly what I thought it was. All show, no go. It wasn’t terrible, but definitely another visual candy Tim Burton movie. I enjoyed myself, and it was a great time! One of the previews before the movie had us laughin’ like crazy because as soon as it appeared it was a kid with a surprised look on his face staring at his palm and yelling, “OH NO! NOT MY CHIKORITA!” In case you don’t know … this is a Chikorita:

pmdbrt chikorita 270x300 Chikorita in Wonderland

We also took a trip to Home Depot for some yard supplies. Well, we ended up getting 2 more hanging plants which are our favorite, but even after 2-3 days it’s already starting to die! NO! What are we doing wrong? Sun & water, seems simple enough. I even went the extra mile and put some Miracle Grow sticks in the soil which is suppose to keep them alive. Hmmphh.

Oh man, is it windy today! The day started off gloomy and with heavy rain, so we just had a lazy-hang-around-and-do-nothing-but-watch-Dexter day. But wait, I forgot the trash can outside so I run out there to get it and it’s literally 1/2 way down the street. Of course I had to hurry down there to get it, and when I return I discover that the can itself was full of rainwater. Lovely.

Marla won’t stop shivering because it’s so cold outside. Summer whipped out one of Marla’s shirts, a hoodie to be exact. She loves that thing! It’s entertaining to watch her run around the house like a little thug and getting into trouble. Just like a typical teenager.


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