Sookie is finally a real boat!

Today is a monumental day in our life. One worth writing about so I can come back to it and remember the achievement of our newest dog learning how to swim. Yep! Sookie experienced water today for the first time. Well, she’s taken a bath before, but it’s not the same.

When we were at the dog park this morning the girls were having tons of fun exploring and fetching the tennis ball. I think they’re starting to get comfortable there, and around other people. We saw some pretty interesting dogs again, one being a medium-sized pitbull with the excitement of a 5 year old on a sugar high.

After throwing the ball a few times some other dogs start to join in and snatch up the ball before our little Sook McSpook can get to it. She would look at me with a confused face as if she was saying, “What the hell!? Dad, they took my ball!”

So we headed for the lake, and by lake I mean the small pool in the middle of the park, and what did Sookie see? Other dogs jumping into this mysterious liquid! No way! Of course, we started with baby-steps. First I would just splash her with the water so she could get used to it. Then, a little nudging was in order. A little hesitant at first, but was getting the hang of it.

Finally, the ultimate test. The tennis ball. I began by just barely rolling it into the water. I keep doing it a little further and further each time. She would go in, as slow as possible, about belly deep and grab the ball and hurry back to me. One throw went almost in the middle. TOO FAR DAD! Well, some other dog retrieve it for us.

We tried one more time and it floated away as she reached for this one, and I could tell she wasn’t touching the ground anymore and was actually swimming!! I mean she is no Michael Phelps, but one day at a time. Summer and I had that feeling that we’re proud of her, but oh no she is growing up … you know typical parent stuff.

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