Can I have a free coffee? NO! You’re mean!!

Wow! We just had a weird, fun coffee run. We were suppose to go earlier, but I wanted to wait til a little later tonight and glad we did. We pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru like normal and Peter was anxious to take our order. Our new “usual” is a grande caramel macchiato hot for me, and an iced one for Summer.

When we get to the window we see a wanna-be bartender white dude with an Under-Armor sleeve on his arm, in which I whisper to Summer, “You think he has a tattoo and they make him wear that? Yeah, probably.” He come Peter to take our money, and then offered us a free coffee. They said that someone ordered it and drove off, so we decided to take it. They threw a tip in as well saying that a shot of rum would make it better. We instantly think that they probably did something to it because a couple of days before hand we saw one of those TV special that show hidden cameras, and the gross stuff that goes on in restaurants.

Then we did a little dosey doe before leaving meaning that we attempted to drive off, but had to get our change, tried to drive off, but we needed our Sweet N Lows, tried again, but we needed stir sticks. Finally, we were set and then drove across the street, literally, and parked at Wal-Mart where Summer practically chugged the free coffee because she didn’t want to walk around the store with two cups in-hand.

So we’re checking out some plants outside, and then stumble around looking at some Easter stuff and think about when we’ll be making our little kid a basket and coloring eggs. We finally make it all the way around to the electronic section where we happen to glance over and see a mom with her kids standing next to the video game section.

This is when we hear a kid ask very nonchalantly, “Mom, can I get two games?!” We turn to each other and bust out laughing, typical kids. And, of course, the mom says, “No.” And with such conviction, and meaning the kid yells out in the middle of the store, “YOU’RE MEAN!!” It was the funniest thing ever!

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