Tennis, Bikes, and Movies … OH MY!

The winter Olympics is on this year and although we haven’t watched much of it U.S.A. is kickin’ butt. We did have a chance to catch the men’s speed skating finals where Apollo Ohno won the bronze medal. We are officially caught up with The Office, so now we have to start watching it on TV.

Saturday was another beautiful day, so we decided to head to the tennis courts and get some practice in. Summer and I rallied for a bit, but then we put on our semi-serious faces and starting serving to each other. She had mentioned that maybe playing doubles with other people could be fun, but we don’t know any other tennis players.

The adventure didn’t stop there. We came home to let the girls get some fresh air, and release some energy by running around in the backyard. After fixing Summer’s brakes on her bike we loaded up and shortly arrived at the trail we usually cruise. We got a little ways down, but it was super muddy so we turned around and rode on the hill that overlooks the park. About a mile down it was blocked off though, we stayed for a bit and just talked about random stuff, but it was getting windy (and cold) so back to the car.

Since we didn’t get to see a movie last Sunday, we tried again yesterday. This time we wanted to see Shutter Island, which started at 11:15 am and apparently this was the movie to see. There were about 15 people standing outside along with us waiting to buy tickets, some of them opted to go inside to the ticket dispenser, but we were committed to the line.

I wish they could rethink how to organize their so-called popcorn lines. They don’t have any signs, and workers randomly stand behind the registers but refused to announce to customers that they’re “open” so most everyone just kind of huddles around. While standing in our non-existent line Summer received a compliment on her newest purse and she didn’t even know it. There was no line progress for about 5 minutes, so she became our seat saver and I was alone on the hunt.

Finally, I wait my turn for the over-priced popcorn yet again, and head to my seat, but not before snagging Summer some jalapenos in a napkin. Not that the movie was going to suck, but just in case it does I wanted her to have her favorite little snack. Of course we went to the store the night before and loaded up on food. This time we went for Twizlers Pull-n-Peel, ginger snap cookies, Monster, and an Amp.

The movie was awesome! One of those must-watch-a-second-time kind of films. So good it’s well worth a purchase.

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