Heart-shaped food completes a 3-day weekend, my love!

Summer received a little surprise at work this last Friday. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Papa John’s and how they were cookin’ up some heart-shaped pizzas, so since I’ve never sent her anything during work hours I ordered two. Pepperoni and olive, not mushroom. I’m glad to say that not all of it was eaten, so I was able to indulge for dinner.

heartpizza 300x225 Heart shaped food completes a 3 day weekend, my love!

Saturday we cruised over to Sweet Tomatoes. Duh! February is potato month over there, and Summer was craving their new soups. I, on the other hand, just stuck with my favorite Big Chunk chicken noodle … which they very rarely seem to have anymore.

Valentine’s Day was again very special this year. I woke up around 6:30 and shuffled to the kitchen to make my love a heart-shaped chocolate chip pancake. Yes, only one. That’s all she wanted. Following that we exchanged our gifts to each other. I gave Summer a 256-count CD holder for her car (because they were scattered everywhere and hard to find while driving), and a nerdy Hello Kitty shirt, along with some Neo-to-go, card, and chocolates. I received a black case for my laptop, a card & fridge magnet with dogs that resemble Sookie, a box of penguin chocolate, and my favorite bag of Dove chocolate.

Later that day we did our usual, which is to say that we picked up a Sunday paper from the local paper guy on the corner of the freeway. Summer quickly flipped to the Ulta ad and saw that the Ultra Chi was on sale for like 75 thousand percent off, and she has been wanting a new hair straightener for a long time, so I took her and she picked out a shiny pink one. I then drove to the park right next door to our neighborhood, and we parked and read together. It was very peaceful for awhile, until people started to show up to play soccer, but we had already skimmed all the ads so we left.

After that we went to see Grandma Skippy, with the intent to have some lunch because I put making 2 turkey sandwiches on hold. When we showed up, we gifted her with a bag of goodies (Gene Simmons book, Nintendo DS game, and some sugar-free chocolate), and headed out for food. We originally wanted to hit Lucky House, a small Chinese buffet, but it was packed. So we drove around for about 15 more minutes until we finally decided on Sonic.

A 3 day weekend! Yep, Summer took Monday off, and she had a great plan. We would wake up super early (regular time for us) and head to Chik-Fil-A for some breakfast because she never makes it in time to get chicken minis. I persuaded her to let us eat inside at the bar table they have that faces outside, and we sat like an old, retired couple enjoying our coffee & breakfast together. It was perfect!

On the way home we figured since we’re off, and maybe no one else would be there, we’d take the girls to the park. They were excited, of course, but man was it cold out there. I think it was because the wind was blowing so hard, but we only did one full lap and had to leave. Sookie did run around a lot more since no other dogs were there. She jumped all threw the mud, and even chased a tennis ball that I threw.

We pre-planned earlier in the week to go a see the movie Valentine’s Day, but we didn’t plan on every and there mom to be going on the same day as us. I had forgot that Monday was President’s Day, so I guess the movies is where everyone goes on the holidays. Who knew? While we were standing in line to purchase our tickets we heard someone yell out that it was sold out, so we just proceeded back to the car, and came home. We had discussed going to ride bikes, or have a picnic, in the park by the lake, but we quickly remembered the brisk, cold air and stayed in our warm home and finished watching the rest of season 5 of The Office.