Lasers are still cool?

Again I am confused about the random firing of some people’s brain synapses that cause them to do what would seem like fun, but in reality is silly and mediocre things.

This bring me to laser pointers, which at one time, in about 1995, these crafty lil’ “pens” were the new wave of class clown technology. Every bully, slacker, or cool kid that was willing to drop about $15 on one of these did. Providing hours of laughs throughout classrooms, movie theaters, and even churches worldwide. I’ll admit, I did have one. Those were the days.

Let’s talk about today. It’s 2010. In fact, ignore that year. Let’s discuss age for a second. If I was 10, yeah, these would still be cool, but I’m not and neither are my co-workers. Just because they act it their beer-guts, tattoos, and lack of motivation to actually work say otherwise. Now I’m not again pranks or jokes – within good reason.

But when you’re easily over 30 and shine a laser pointer into other people’s eyes and then decide to turn around and giggle like a brace-face, high school bookworm does when the football captain passes by in the hallway and happens to glance your way I can’t help but think what kind of lives do these people have to find humor in something like this. Is it that entertaining, or do they think that when someone’s cornea is damaged that all will hail them in their glory of sabotaging the very person who directly influences their paycheck?

Yee-haw! Sounds like a hoot!

Even with all that aside, when you continue to do it multiple times are you not realizing that no one is around to pay attention, and the victim is attempting to avoid you, but also has a job to do that they’d like to finish so they can enjoy the rest of their beautiful Friday? I’m guessing no. I mean if you’re not intelligent enough to figure out why I, then, don’t do you any favors or help you out at work or come to your all-so-grand New Year’s Eve party comprised of all the people I despise and then dramatically complain as if I am the bad person then I wouldn’t expect you to grasp the concept of your childish behavior.

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