Afternoon movie date

It’s been awhile since we been to the theater. Not sure why, we love movies – and popcorn! In fact, we devoured 2 large tubs of it this past Sunday while waiting to see Daybreakers.

Apparently I don’t know where the movie theater is located. So after a few wrong turns we arrive up for the 12:10 pm showing. It was rather cold and quiet this morning, which is good … we love quiet. I’m not a big fan of having to maneuver through a sea of highschoolers to pay $12/person to see a movie that I’ll probably critique horribly but end up downloading in a week.

Sneaking in treats is always exciting. On today’s menu was Ginger Snap cookies, LifeSaver gummies, and Hot Tamales. After getting our $10 day-old popcorn and Diet Coke (and loading up on jalapenos for Summer)¬†we find a perfect seat in the front row. (The spot directly behind the handicap seats with the ever-so-handy foot pole.) We watch the same re-runs of movie trivia & scrambled titles for about 23 minutes until finally the lights dim, and crowd enlarges slightly.

It felt like a first date. It could have been the cozy, little campsite we had set up but holding hands gave me butterflies in my stomach. I had a great time. Although we didn’t visit Red Robin this time, it’ll definately be on the agenda for the next go’round.

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