Go ahead and ignore the rules

Sometimes the thought process of others perplexes my brain and send me for a loop. Yes, you guessed it … another day at work. Only today is the last day of the year. The day when people finally say to themselves “I’m going to stop doing that, and I am going to stop doing that” and then about 6 days later, after the hangover vanishes they follow their old ways because that’s all they know how to do. Creatures of habit. No joke. I don’t believe in letting time dictate my life and choices. I’ll do thing when I am ready, and able … not because a clock strikes 12.

Of course, time is just a counting system – numbers with meaning attached to them – isn’t it?
- Fingerling; The Number 23

Anyways, back at work at the end of the year there is the tax form, W-4, that has to be refilled out. This isn’t my first rodeo, so I kind of know what to do. Well, with the form is another piece of paper attached – contact update information. Now by the title alone tells me that, hey, nothing to update? Don’t fill it out. Not at my job, apprently update means retell us everything that we already know and create more work for everyone. That part wasn’t a big deal, actually none of this was, but it was just a lesser headache to manage. At the bottom of the paper were 3 simple instructions for the W-4. This confused me. I mean for something so simple, why would there be instructions? It’s like when you’re asked “What is 2+2?” The answer is so easy, that you start to second guess yourself, and you may even need to count on your fingers. Now, I am stickler for rules … I always use my turn signal, always. I never go to the express lane if I have 21 items, and I pass in through doors that someone spent time to label Enter or Exit. Why? Hell, I don’t know … because it makes sense? Some would even call it common sense. The paper said:

1) Sign your name and date
2) Please check single, married, or higher tax rate
3) Turn into a manager

To anyone that can grasp the basic comprehension of the English language should be able to read that. I can. So what route did I take? I followed the instructions, of course. That’s right. I figured that’s what they wanted, so that’s what I’ll give them. I skipped the address and Social Security number parts. Why did you do that!? Maybe because I figured that since we don’t run a pay-under-the-table sweatshop we were a little advance in already having this information … I mean I don’t know what kind of circus the HR department is running. But I probably shouldn’t have assumed this seeing as it’s 2010 and we don’t even have direct deposit.

So I turn it in, just as instructed, to my boss and then he takes it upstairs (as if I couldn’t do this). About 4 minutes later he tells me that it’s incomplete and the HR lady said do it correctly. To my surprise, the correct way was to ignore that handwritten instructions and do what you’re suppose to do in the first place. So then I take it upstairs this time, and stand there as it’s scanned over insuring 100% accuracy. I asked, “Is this what you wanted?” and I received a clear “Yes.” Indeed I responded with, “Oh, I was just following the rules you listed. Should I not do that?” And she responds, “I guess I should have made it more clear for the not so smart ones. I didn’t think it’d be that hard to understand.” Outrage! I immediately thought to myself, wait didn’t you have a kid at like age 9 or something? Yeah, real intelligent. Hard to understand? I mean why did you even bother to type all that out if you didn’t want people to take notice, and I don’t know, do what it says?

Let me break it down for you. Next year just put “Fill out the lower box to the best of your knowledge.” This will then act as a better sifter for all the morons you see daily, and real hard-workers, like myself, can go on with the rest of their potentially drama-free day. I suppose you’ll want me to come up here and read your thoughts because that’s my new assumed talent. I didn’t let it hit me too deep because she looks like one of those drivers on the road that doesn’t use a turn signal and then gets angry when you don’t want to let them over. I want to shank those people right in the temple sometimes. But, I just wanted to write this down. I’ll most likely tell my wife the story, but this blog is about recording life.

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