Almost Time!


Look here, I am almost 40 weeks pregnant and I feel pretty great. Sure, rolling out of the bed every morning a little difficult and by 5 o’clock I am ready for bed again. All in all this pregnancy has been wonderful. Howard and I are just waiting on little Autumn to do her thing… [read more]

Family Baby Shower


On July 19, 2014, Howard and I attended a beautiful baby shower thrown by my mother and cousin. It was beach themed and perfect! The decorations looked as if they came straight from Pintrest or a Martha Stewart magazine. We couldn’t believe so many people showed up to celebrate little Autumn Daisy. There were games… [read more]

Anniversary Getaway


It has been 5 wonderful years with the most amazing husband in the world and I could not be happier. Back then I would not have imagined we would be expecting our child in the next years. We spent the last weekend relaxing and enjoying the beach in Rockport, Texas. Two weeks before that we… [read more]

Toddler Bruce


He sure has grown the last couple of months. I remember when he was just a little fat pup. He used to be so tiny he could fit in a cat bed. Now he’s this giant 50lb toddler who loves to destroy my living room and backyard. Things He Loves: People Dogs Smooches Snuggling Fetch… [read more]

Lake Conroe Bound


A few weeks ago Howard and I rounded up a couple of his friends and headed up to Lake Conroe for a Saturday. Of course, being pregnant, I was not allow to ride the jet ski around like the rest of them. Instead I spent my hours sitting on the dock and reading. I may… [read more]