Toddler Bruce


He sure has grown the last couple of months. I remember when he was just a little fat pup. He used to be so tiny he could fit in a cat bed. Now he’s this giant 50lb toddler who loves to destroy my living room and backyard. Things He Loves: People Dogs Smooches Snuggling Fetch… [read more]

Lake Conroe Bound


A few weeks ago Howard and I rounded up a couple of his friends and headed up to Lake Conroe for a Saturday. Of course, being pregnant, I was not allow to ride the jet ski around like the rest of them. Instead I spent my hours sitting on the dock and reading. I may… [read more]

A Chappell Hill Home


At the start of property searching we were looking at pieces of land in Chappell Hill, Texas. Howard and I have been to this town many times before and just fell in love with the charm. We decided to take a short day trip to check out some property for a potential future home. The… [read more]

Eggs and Fruit


Allow me to explain this meal. This was probably the last breakfast meal I cooked before finding out I was pregnant. At the time I was so excited to present Howard with this delicious breakfast so early in the morning. This little guy consisted of two baked eggs with fresh rosemary and parmesan cheese. About… [read more]

Sometimes I Like to Bake


I miss using my lovely mixer to help with baking those delicious chocolate chocolate chip cookies.