Welcome Baby Autumn

After many, many weeks of waiting, Baby Autumn has finally arrived! We checked in to the hospital at 11:00 p.m. and by 6:07 p.m the next evening she was born. I feel like I’ve told my labor and delivery story so many times I’ll just skip that information for now. I do want to express… [read more]

Hobbitses and Baby Waiting

A load of laundry has been started, ground meat is defrosting, and The Hobbit is playing in the background. I have to fit all my grown up chores in before the baby arrives and my time is running out. By the end of the day my feet are swollen and I am super tired so… [read more]

We Are Waiting

This will mark Day #2 for awaiting Autumn. Not working is driving me a little crazy. Okay, so maybe I’m not going crazy but I do feel as if I’m supposed to be working in an office right now. I’ve been keeping myself busy by cleaning the house, arranging Autumn’s room, washing clothes for Autumn,… [read more]

Where Is She?

Well, September 1st has come and gone….and I still haven’t seen baby Autumn yet! She’s being so stubborn and will not come out! Every morning I wake up hoping that the day will be “the day” I get to see her. We are so anxious to see you even the pups are pacing around the… [read more]

Almost Time!


Look here, I am almost 40 weeks pregnant and I feel pretty great. Sure, rolling out of the bed every morning a little difficult and by 5 o’clock I am ready for bed again. All in all this pregnancy has been wonderful. Howard and I are just waiting on little Autumn to do her thing… [read more]